about sound event

i saw this in ‘man fvwmevent’
*FvwmEvent: raise_window swoosh.au
*FvwmEvent: lower_window swoosh.au

it seems very easy to creat a sound notify event. i want make a sound when i click on those buttons within fvwmbutton bar. and want use ‘mpg321 xxx.mp3’, if i can do this?


Well, you won’t need FvwmEvent to do it. If you want to play music when you
have clicked a button in FvwmButtons — make the action bind to a function
that gets called. Example:

*FvwmButtonsB: (1x9, Back darkgrey, Frame 1, Swallow (UseOld,NoClose) \
Action "MyFunc")

DestroyFunc MyFunc
AddToFunc MyFunc
+ I Exec  exec mpc ./foo.au

(for instance).

– Thomas Adam

thanks for reply.
I think you means define in this mode?

Action(Mouse 3) Exec exec mousepad, Action Myfunc

so i must define in each line of my button config file. that’ not fit me. I need an entire define for all buttons click.