Acitve/Inactive coloration -- reverse

Hi people, I’ve been using FVWM for quite a while now. Great WM it is indeed!

Well now I’m trying to make it look more vivid using vivid colors. And now, the question naturally comes to my mind whether it is possible to REVERSE the Active/Inactive behaviour where colors are concerned.
Now we can have each app window have individual TitleStyle/BorderStyle + coloration. But most of the features work for a windows that’s Active. Then all the rest of the windows are the same color (though that one’s free to chose).

Question: is it possible to reverse this behavior (maybe even by altering the source code ) so that each Inactive window will have those app-individual colors etc., but an Active window will look the same for all apps?

Why? Because in that case my desktop will look more colorful, which I like at the moment.
Of course, if the code must be altered considerably, that makes little sense. But otherwise…


This isn’t possible without code changes. Will add it to Fvwm3’s TODO file.

Oh, that would be a great addition to FVWM’s rich feature list. I’m VERY happy with this WM even as it is, actually.
But some time ago I thought it would be good if it was possible to make all the windows have individual colors in Inactive state. Of course, to keep that Active/Inactive difference the colors used for individual app windows may be background type colors, not too imposing or eye-catching – but still, different ones.
One life example is fallen autumn leaves. They’re different colors, but the eye perceives them as a background… Then, if you don’t have exactly the same apps open all the time, there would be variation, too.