Action on click on FvwmIconMan

I did not notice this before, and I don’t really remember if this always was this way or it is something that changed recently. But if I define a Popup action on FvwmIcon man like this:

*FvwmIconMan: Action Mouse 3 A sendcommand "Popup menu_WindowOps"

the menu appears on mouse release, instead of click. That is odd, unless I am missunderstanding what the man page says.

If I understood it correctly, FvwmIconMan should send the Popup action as soon as the cell is clicked (before the mouse button is released). That is, unless the FvwmIconMan is a transient window, which is not the case since it is swallowed into a FvwmButtons instance.

Am I wrong?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s because menus are treated differently.

– Thomas Adam

Then that is not feasible in FvwmIconMan, well, hehe, I can live with that, not that it is a big annoyance. I have lived with that for years now and did not realise it until now. Where I really mind having Popup menus is in the window borders, and that is handled by fvwm itself, so, no problem there.

Thanks, Thomas.