Activating the theme redmond98

I have fvwm2 installed on my system, and in addition to it there is a package of fvwm-themes.

I would like to change the default theme to redmond98, for which, in the shell, after logging in to the fvwm session, I wrote the following:

[uf4n@core-i3 ~]$ fvwm-themes --load @redmond98

[uf4n@core-i3 ~]$ fvwm-themes-start
[FVWM-Themes]: Starting FVWM under the man fvwm-themes session
[fvwm][SetupICCCM2]: <> another ICM 2.0 compliant WM is running, try -replace

I don’t know what to do

Hi @uf4n

fvwm-themes hasn’t been maintained or touched in over twenty years.

I suggest looking at other configurations.

In my distributions (Alt Linux), the fvwm package itself contains many themes, such as redmond98, redmondxp and others. In fact, to switch these themes, you need to install the fvwm-themes package. Is there any standard way to switch themes at the moment?

Haven’t tried but you can do same as @rasat individual scripts. Add the theme as a separate folder and make .fvwm/config to read it
Read $[HOME]/.fvwm/redmond98/file

If it works AddToMenu

Some people also have different definitions of themes, do you want the look, do you want the key bindings, menus, and so forth. Anyways, the way I suggest is just putting things together to make it look and act like you want (hard to do with just copping a theme over, instead you have to configure it yourself).

I have moved a few of the decors from fvwm-themes over to the wiki, here is what you need to get the Redmond98 decor, Redmond98 Decor Example


Thanks, this is an interesting site with Fvwm Decors.