Add MultiPointer X support

Shold FVWM integrates MPX functionality?

  • Yes, it will be useful
  • No, we don’t need that

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MultiPointer X allows to have multiple input devices (of various kind) all working at the same time.
So you can have two persons moving two different mice or typing on three keyboard in different windows.
This will also allow new things like move and resize a window all in one, and other…
Here’s the project page][/url] (take a look at the videos)
Mpx will be integrated in the next xorg release.

At the moment however no window manager fully support the mpx potentials and the author have created a small window manager just as a demo.

So will be a good idea to make FVWM take advantages of this?

If it matures, maybe. Well done for volunteering.

– Thomas Adam