Adding a mini-icon term an xterm running on a remote machine

The way I’ve been adding mini-icons to the xterm button in the right panel is with the command, for example

FvwmCommand ‘Current (*) WindowStyle MiniIcon /path/to/icon.png’

But if I’m running an xterm that’s logged into a remote machine, the above command throws this error:

No such file or directory FvwmCommand error in opening message fifo

The manual says that this error is caused when FvwmCommandS is not running, but in my case it is running. Is there an altenative way to associate a mini-icon with the right panel entry for the xterm? Specifically i’m opening my remote session by passing the xterm command to ssh, e.g.,

ssh -X simon@remoteIP "xterm -e tcsh " &

I’ve tried including the FvwmCommand in the above script with

ssh -X simon@remoteIP “xterm -e FvwmCommand ‘Current (*) WindowStyle MiniIcon /path/to/icon.png’ ; tcsh” &

At least this doesn’t throw an error, but it doesn’t produce an icon either

Thanks for any help!