aiptek tablets and fvwm

I hope this doesn’t fall in the category of “support” but I didn’t want to ask this in the “basic” section, and this is a general question anyway.

Anyone use the Aiptek tablets w/ fvwm? I’m using a 6000u, and though it’s working, I’m doing a lot of tweaking/experimenting in my xorg.conf to learn different settings (esp absolute/relative, xMax/yMax etc).

I was just curious if there anyone has come across fvwm-specific issues/tips/tricks that would help.

I’ve got my desktop divided into a 3x3 (tic-tac-toe like) grid, and the edges wrap. It seems to screw with the absolute positioning when I go from one desktop area to another. I may reduce my desktop down to a single screen and experiment.