Alignment inside button

Well, I dont get it:

DestroyModuleConfig BRButtons: * *BRButtons: Geometry 1280x50-0-0 *BRButtons: Colorset 16 *BRButtons: Rows 1 *BRButtons: Columns 2 *BRButtons: (1x1 Frame 1, Left, Title "foo", Font "xft:daniel:size=14" ) *BRButtons: (1x1 Frame 1, Right, Swallow FvwmApplet-DigitalClock `FvwmScript $[fvwm_script]/DigitalClock 16`)

…this leaves the first of the buttons contents centered, but the second one has its contents right justified. “Right” on the first one also leaves is centered. What am I doing wrong???



I guess it should be

*BRButtons: (1x1 Frame 1, Left, Title(Left) "foo", Font "xft:daniel:size=14" )

Well, since your first button has nothing in it except a Title, you probably want:

*BRButtons:(1x1, Frame 1, Title (Left) "Foo" ...)

(Note how I have a comma AFTER the “1x1” definition where you do not). I suspect this will fix your other case for the second button, too.

– Thomas Adam

ok -

it seems when you have a “swallowed” fvwmscript that changes the title dynamically. the justification doesnt work at all, everything gets centered…
It works fine when I set the title manually.

This is most likely an intentional side-effect from using SendToModule to change the title of a button dynamically. I’ll look at the code later to determine if this is so.

– Thomas Adam