All application frozen while resizing

Hi !

I launch two xterm one with a ‘top d 0.5’
and i’m resizing the other one. The ‘top’ does not
update while i keep the resize handle.

(It seems to me that all other applications are frozen).

There is a bug in incoming talking about --disable-ewmh
but this option is no more available.

Do you know a way to have other applications updating their
display while resizing ? Even if i loose other functionalities…

Thank you for your help.


Why does it matter? This is a side-effect in the way the resize operation worls.

– Thomas Adam

It matters, because my application won’t update while
resizing and i could not allow this.

But i found a way to bypass my problem.

Other application are not frozen if i use ResizeOpaque instead
of ResizeOutline.

Thanks for your answer.

Right – I see what you mean. It wasn’t clear what you were meaning.

– Thomas Adam