almost blank desktop

many programmes runs but with specially method.
trayer, gkrellm(quake-console hotkey shaded), opera(special page), gnome-terminal(quake-console hotkey shaded), osd-lyric.bash(below the desktop is lyric show), mpd(daemon), rox(closed), apwal(right click on root as favorite menu), mlnet, wicd(wifi), scim(input method)

so, you get a almost blank desktop.

below is a rox right menu shell, to setup root picture.

[code]:phone: cat ~/应用/脚本/设置壁纸
fvwm-root -r “$"
echo "$

:phone: grep desktop-pic ~/.fvwm/*
/home/exp/.fvwm/config:Exec fvwm-root -r cat ~/.fvwm/desktop-pic.rc

:phone: readlink /home/exp/.config/设置壁纸

below is toggle terminal, like quake-console

[code]SetEnv shade True
DestroyFunc toggle-shade
AddToFunc toggle-shade

  • I Next (gnome-terminal) WindowShade $[shade]
  • I Next (gkrellm) WindowShade $[shade]
  • I Test (EnvMatch shade True)
  • I TestRc (Match) SetEnv shade False
  • I TestRc (NoMatch) SetEnv shade True

Key z A 4 toggle-shade

Umm, WindowShade toggles by default.

– Thomas Adam

nice wallpaper.

even I don’t have a look on the whole config my personally improvement would be…

  • use conky instead of gkrellm
  • use urxvt/xterm instead of the gnome-terminal

keep it all more simple and not such overbloated (imho :wink:)

nod. or another choice: roxterm. since you have used rox.