ALT+mouse button window moves

Hi, some intro first:
I’ve been using fvwm for about 7-8 years now. Every time I get a new computer (like now at my new job) I compile fvwm, copy my rc file and forget about it :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m trying 2.5.14 and have a setup that lets me move/resize/raise&lower windows by ALT+Mouse Button+inside window. The problem is that to start moving a window I have to let go of the mouse button, so its press,release then move window. In 2.4.15 it used to work with holding down the mouse button (press,move window,release) which I like better. How to get this back ?

Relevant setting:
Mouse 1 W M Move
Mouse 2 W M Resize
Mouse 3 W M RaiseLower

bye, krajo

I also saw your email to the fvwm ML…

You should probably try added/replacing the “M” for move with “H” for hold — trying both is also of use.

– Thomas Adam

LoL, yes I saw the mailing list before I realized you had a forum. I won’t be double posting from now on (except for another email I sent earlier in html format which is pending moderating).

With “Mouse 1 W HM Move” I have to let go of the mouse button before the window starts to move, same as before.

With “Mouse 1 W H Move” The window starts to move when I click inside, not good.

That’s as expected (the latter on, anyway). If you search the forums, you’ll realise I’ve talked before about the use of ALT on a window – although I had assumed this only affected “snapattraction” when moving. Can you upload your entire config file somewhere for me to analyse? Just looking at the few bindings you have there does not place it in enough context.


– Thomas Adam

I know it’s very simple, but that’s the beauty of it :slight_smile:

Got a reply on the mailing list:

DestroyFunc drag-n-move
AddToFunc drag-n-move M move
DestroyFunc drag-n-resize
AddToFunc drag-n-resize M resize

Mouse 1 W HM drag-n-move
Mouse 2 W HM drag-n-resize
Mouse 3 W HM RaiseLower

Works like a charm. Thanx e1.