an fvwm2.rc manual?

Cairns, Queensland
2007 December 30

Is there a good elementary user manual for configuring fvwm2.rc?



– Thomas Adam

Cairns, Queensland
2007 December 30

Thanks for the reference to a man-page manual. Unfortunately, I find man pages useless for learning anything. Though they are perhaps useful for a reference, they are far from elementary. The fvwm2.rc file is extremely complicated, and learning how to understand it and edit it is something I started about 10 years ago and know no more today than I did then, simply because I have never found a instruction manual I can understand. Maybe I should have asked for an instruction manual instead of a user manual. Do you know of one that’s elementary?

Thanks again.


Did you actually -read- the details contained in that link? There are a myriad of links to do with FVWM contained in there. One of which is the following link (just in case you had trouble finding it):

– Thomas Adam

There’s also a rather nice howto on the forums also I keep a list of tutorials/howtos here.

Cairns, Queensland
2007 December 31

Mr. Thomas Adam

Thanks for the web site, and yes, I had huge trouble finding it, but not nearly as much trouble as accessing it. I can find no way to print it on the standard A4 format. It runs off the right margin and is unreadable. Someone else reported the same problem and made a .pdf file, which I find cannot be downloaded for printing.

I guess I’m missing the point. Why does someone go to so much trouble to write a quality product, like Mr. Skriletz’s FVWM Beginner’s Guide, and then make it inaccessible?

Sure wish I could get a copy, because it looks like you are putting me on the right track toward a quality product that will solve many problems.

Michael Snowden

Again, you don’t need to date your post each time. That information is already added when you submit the post.

Thomas will suffice, thank you.

Well, there’s a PDF version available:

But the entire guide needs updating.

– Thomas Adam

Cairns, Queensland
2007 January 1

(Mr.?) Thomas

Okay, I’ll say Thomas, but I am a little uncomfortable being disrespectfully on a first-name basis with my superiors.

Well, I never intended the place and date stamp on communications for consumption by others. I have always included them (for the past 60 years!) for my own records to identify when and where I was. Does it hurt to include them on computer files?

I have already tried a number of times to download the .pdf file at the reference, which you subsequently cited, but every time, my Netscape just locks up. A friend attempted for me on his Ubuntu-Mozilla system and couldn’t make it work either.

Once I can acquire some of these excellent references you are citing for me, I hope to take them off to a LINUX specialist to write an fvwm2.rc file for me from carefully outlined requirements. It is certainly out of my reach to write it myself, but clearly outlined requirements are an essential first step. That’s what I am trying to accomplish, but basic knowledge to do that is necessary. Gods, it’s hard to find a LINUX specialist anywhere!



You’re not being disrespectful when the person whom you’re addressing asks of you to be called in a certain way. To contradict that would be disrespectful.

If it makes you happy, sobeit.

Is that so? You should really be talking to me, since you won’t find anyone better to help you with FVWM.

Oh, and by the way, it’s “Linux”, it’s not an acronym, so LINUX is incorrect (and even more misleading is your context – one need not be a Linux expert to understand FVWM).

– Thomas Adam

Cairns, Queensland
2008 January 1


Yes, I totally agree that the criterion for respect is what the person wishes to be called. Thomas it is then, and I am happy with Michael. Est-ce que tu tuttoye avec tous les autre etranger aussi?

I thought LINUX was in fact an acronym, a merging of the founding father, Linus, and UNIX, i.e., Linus + UNIX = LINUX.

Well, I would be totally thrilled if you would develop an fvwm2.rc file for me, but I reckon that is asking enough to be called imposing. I have been expecting a tough time in finding a Linux person, who could do it, here in the antipodes, as the next step. Every Linux user I know has no idea what FVWM2 is much less how to use it. I think it would be awkward for you mostly because I don’t know enough to be sensible, and you would find me clumsy. It would take time interacting for me to learn. I’m sure you have noticed that by now. The only thing that might make it possible is the fact that I have a super clear idea of exactly what it is I want to accomplish.

If you are really serious about doing it, should I e-mail my current fvwm2.rc file to you along with desiderata?

By the way I still need that Beginners Guide.



Mais oui, bien sur, c’est tres facile.

Ish. But not quite, and even then it doesn’t make it an acronym.

That’s not for you to decide. It’s not imposing.

That’s all I would need to know.

Yes. You can get my email address from my profile. I will though be publishing the work I do for you here on these forums, as a prerequisite to my helping you.

– Thomas Adam

Cairns, Queensland
2008 January 5

To: Thomas

I have prepared a detailed, nested, and indented outline as an Open Office file for developing my fvwm2rc file to send you but cannot find your e-mail address at your profile. It is the one field in your profile that is blank.

Also, I haven’t found a way to insert an Open Office .odt file into this forum. If I send you these Open Office files to your e-mail address as attachments, will that work for you?



I must have it hidden from public view – the more I think about that, the more sense that makes. However, you can reach me on:

I’m going to scream if you seriously do send me a .odt file – convert it to a PDF or something, but don’t send me something I can’t open. Plain text is much easier. Attachments via email are welcomed.

– Thomas Adam

Auckland, New Zealand
2008 January 10

Dear Thomas:

I have asked several computer blokes about downloading the .pdf file at the address,, which you gave me, for the beginners guide to fvwm. Unfortunately, all of them tell me that they cannot do it, because it requires some sort of password code. Although this guide may be out of date, as you mentioned, it does appear to be a valuable source for basic learning. I have to start somewhere, and with a .pdf file of it I would be able to print it and study it in detail.

Would you be able to get a copy of that .pdf file for me? I think you probably have access to that site, since you suggested it. I would, as always, be terribly grateful.



Sorry – no. I don’t have any “access” to that site. What made you think otherwise? By your logic, if I sent you a link to, do you think I would have “access” to that too?

If you want a PDF, you’re going to have to generate one, or find someone who’s willing to generate one from the HTML files.

– Thomas Adam

The megauploads -site requires a code for you to enter so you can download stuff.

(note, the code changes with every reload, so don’t copy the code from my example image. Use the one you get. Also, the language will be different unless you happen to live in Finland.)
After you have entered the code, you will be redirected to a download queue -page.

You will have to wait the number of seconds the page shows you before you can download the file.

These are very, very, basic things. You might be a little over your head with fvwm.
But good luck anyway.