an other way ...

Hello everybody …

U can see here [size=150][/size]
or in french [size=150][/size]
a new graphic try to get fvwm2 look an other way …

  • Vertical title, borders top left and top right with one different function (iconify at left and close at right).
  • Mini icon in pager (mini screenshoot).
  • Menu with “alive” mount / unmount command (depend if the
    volume is mounted or not).
  • Calendar and conky are shown or not by menu.

And so on …
The background image is original (i made it)

Gimp, firefox, xterm:

Gqview, Man, Eterm:

Eterm, Conky, Calendar (FvwmScript):

Explanations in english

Explications en français

And … sorry for my poor english …

Extremely nice and good looking, I like it! Good work! :smiley:

Thank u very much. :blush:

Wow, nice work

thank you :smiley:

It s very original. I like it! :slight_smile:

Your approach is quite original. Very good. I like it.

Hello all !!

I’ve updated french version with new config and screenshots. (blackness … )

U can get it at this page:

Some screenshots:

Gimp, Gqview, Rox:

Gimp, Xterm, Conky, Calendar, Pager:

Mc, xterm (hacked colors), Conky:

English version is here

English translation done, here:

Gimp, xchat, Conky, Calendar, Icon Box:

take a look here
english version: 8)

french version: :stuck_out_tongue:

I like this config. You have some pretty neat features.

I have to agree - it does really look quite cool, never seen something like this before!

I am having problems running your config because you use characters that aren’t recognized :frowning:

you can get it here: My current config

it is for 1280x1024 screen. If you find some problems on it tell me, i’ll fix it. :unamused:

Thank you for your interest.
Best Regards,


here, my desktop still alive …

work in progress: planned: FvwmBox :slight_smile:

Nice setup, still love your use of colours, the font isn’t one I could work with day and night though, but then, easy to change anyway :wink:

thank you :smiley:

let’s run a try with this font. Very nice indeed. And useful, day after day.


xboard reloaded … nice for me !
big size:

little size:

where i got it:

Enjoy !!

There are some very nice sets of pieces on that site, thanks for the great link!

Colors, colors !! Colors time :slight_smile: