Animated Gif support

Would you like to have Animated Gif Support?

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Would be great if FVWM would support Animated gif Pictures.
These could be used to have Animated Hover Buttons and many, menu more nice stuff

No, it wouldn’t. Not to mention FVWM doesn’t support the GIF image format anyway (with good reason) – and animating it in the way your suggesting wouldn’t work.

– Thomas Adam

Why not? There could be few flags that would determinate when Animation starts/Stops and Flag to determinate if animation should be repeated.

And Yes, i know FVWM doesn’t support GIF

Does the librsvg support animation? That would be the way to go if animation needs be.

No, it’s not supported by that library. Still wouldn’t be the way to go anyway.

– Thomas Adam

I meant the format, not the renderer.

I don’t know if there is any technical reason behind the responses from Thomas Adam, but my “no” is motivated because I tend flee from problems, before they can call at my door.

There has been a lot of fuzz about GIF/LZW and some patent issues with the owner (you can easily find the names on the wikipedia or anywhere else). I suppose that Fvwm doesn’t support other propietary formats (like the most famous loussy format to compress photo images) for the same reason.

I won’t think of any alternatives. I leave that for those who are interested in such features. I am not a big fan of eye candy, and I like my desktop (the one in my pc, and the one in my table) to remain fixed, with no movement at all :stuck_out_tongue:

– Jesús Guerrero

Well there’s this MNG format which is close to PNG. It supports Animation

If I remember correctly the last (known, but well, this goes for all software) patents applying to the GIF format expired last year or two years ago.

[Edit] Apparently it was even longer ago (see also here)…