Animated Gifs

Is it possible to display an animated gif for an icon? Or does any body know of a program that will display and animated gif with a transparent background? I would really like to use animated icons for the activeicon.

That’s not possible for two reasons:

  1. GIFs are not supported by FVWM, natively.
  2. No third-party program can set the Icon, such that it could ever animate, in this case.

– Thomas Adam

Hmm, I suppose it’s possible to swallow an app that displays animated gifs and create the effect like that?

I done something that display an animated logo at the top left corner. It is not exactly what is asked for, but it show animated gif. The only external requirement is imagemagick, a very standard linux package.

Any comment will be appreciated on the following code:

[code]# Logo panel
All (FvwmButtons-ALogo) Close
DestroyModuleConfig FvwmButtons-ALogo: *
*FvwmButtons-ALogo: Geometry 24x24±1±1
*FvwmButtons-ALogo: BoxSize smart
*FvwmButtons-ALogo: ActiveColorset $[cs-panel-active]
*FvwmButtons-ALogo: Colorset $[cs-panel-inactive]
*FvwmButtons-ALogo: Rows 1
*FvwmButtons-ALogo: Padding 1 1
*FvwmButtons-ALogo: Frame 0
*FvwmButtons-ALogo: (2x1, Size 22 22,
Swallow (Close, Respawn) Display Exec exec animate $[FVWM_USERDIR]/icons/Default/22x22/fvwm-crystal/boing.gif &)

Module FvwmButtons FvwmButtons-ALogo[/code]

It is a little waste of system resources : around 0.6% processor use on a P4@2GHz for only one 22x22 animated gif.