Animation on startup

I think this question was asked before, but I couldn’t find it…
So, is it somehow possible to get an animation at the startup of fvwm?
If I have ~10 pictures and wanted to produce an animation of them reflecting the loading process of fvwm, could it be done with fvwm tools?

Look at the “AnotherLevelUp” package — this changes backgrounds as it loads to reflect loading-status.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks Thomas. (you know, you should really consider putting a phpbb -title “guru” for yourself :wink: )

I took the sources for AnotherLevelUp, and looking at the content, I’m not sure by what you meant was the corresponding function? I see init-screen-picture* 's, but I’m not entirely sure if they’re the ones used for the loading screen?

It seems this is very complicated stuff with AnotherLevelUp (I hope they move to fvwm-themes ASAP :wink: ), so I would greatly appreciate if you could point out exactly what I should be looking for!

Heavens, no.

That’s right – as you can see, what’s happening is that at each state of the configuration loading, the background is changed (via ‘display’ from ImageMagick). Now, AnotherLevelUp (like AnotherLevel) uses M4 – which is probably where some of the confusion arises. I suppose you could do something like this:

AddToFunc StartFunction
+ I foo
+ I Schedule 100 Exec exec display image1.png
+ I bar
+ I Schedule 100 Exec exec display image2.png

Although to be quite honest this would slow things down. Even without using schedule, FVWM tends to load damn fast anyway.

Well, AnotherLevelUp has been around a loooong time prior to fvwm-themes… :slight_smile: (I used to use a heavily customised version of the original RH version of ‘AnotherLevel’ using the Lesstif version, of course. :slight_smile:)

– Thomas Adam

Yeah, too fast occasionally … :wink:
Just out of curiosity, could the same thing be achieved with FvwmScript? Ie., not the whole background, just a predefined size window?

You sick, sick puppy :laughing:

Probably. You might need ModuleSynchronous though – since the ordering would probably matter to you.

– Thomas Adam