another one ;)


winter time => winter theme of course :smiley:

looking for someone who could provide my config plz.

well, this one is well tested , maybe 3 or 4 suit me well, hope for you too.


Use the FvwmWiki:

If you really want, I am more than happy to host it for you.

– Thomas Adam

hi thomas,

i was reading this wiki , i didn’t know anything about it :blush: .
you was talking about this section :

"1. Complete Setups" ?
'got to have a look more seriously.

my config has some png’s + conky = 1.3 mo, if you’ re agree i could send it to you.just tell me where.
by the way thank you.

That’s the section, yes.

Yes, that’s fine. You can email it to me if you like — just follow my
profile for it.

– Thomas Adam

Here you go: … theme.tbz2

– Thomas Adam


so this is a single theme :

  • no (too much) complex functions ( to tell fortunes, make money and eventually make a window appear )
  • no weather
  • no whatever

just a single one, simple and clean.


This is my final version

i will add the archive tonight. :slight_smile:

Uploaded here: … 06.tar.bz2

Many thx thomas.

Here is the concept of this theme :

I used to open firefox , minimize firefox, open rox , minimize rox, re-open firefox etc etc.
I finally discovered the multiple desktop :unamused: :smiley: and designed this one like this : one page for firefox, one page for my multitabs term (mrxvt), one page for emelfm2 (great filer !), and three more pages to open others apps.
I really enjoy this theme, i hope you will too.

this “second” version is not very similar than the first as you can see, there is 2 differents tarballs.

fvwm is great !