another one

here is my screenie

thank you all

This is fvwm-2.5.16 with a translucent-menu patch, on OpenBSD 3.9

very cool!!!

Clean and with transparency. Nice.

Very nice! I like the colors. Also, clean and simple.

Its very good! I want to see your config! :slight_smile:

what movie on screen?:slight_smile:

hi ! Here you will find the config
(I’m also from Ukraine :slight_smile:)

This is a videoclip “Sly and Robbie - Superthruster” :wink:

Many thanks! :slight_smile:
PS: Amount of ukrainians in forum grows! :slight_smile:

I like the wallpaper… where did you get it?

somewhere on --> Wallpapers --> Minimalistic. You can also find it in my tarball