Another Pootie config - with different decors

Here are some screenshots showing the different decors. These can be selected from the Fvwm->Decor menu (not rocket science but handy).

I’ve switched back to SVG icons - it’s very nice being able to have only one set of icons that I can scale to whatever size I like. Unfortunately, it’s harder to find a complete set so you may notice a few that look out of place. The main theme is ‘snowish-1.0’, with some ‘gnome hicolor’ and ‘gartoon’ thrown in when necessary.

I decided to make other colors in the config change according to the decor. I suppose I could have made color themes as well, but I think certain decors go better with certain menu/panel/dock colors. Oh, I’m Canadian so I should say ‘colours.’ :slight_smile:

Oh, I decided to write a crappy little function for building the dock. The FvwmButtons syntax is a little tedious when all of the buttons are going to work pretty much the same. Anyway, you’ll see it in the $[FVWM_USERDIR]/configs/dock.fvwm2rc file.

Here’s the config file][/url]

I’m having trouble thinking of an easy way to center (centre :wink:) my dock at the bottom of the screen programmatically based on the width (which changes according to how many items I have in there). I’ve taken a couple of stabs at it but I felt as if I were overcomplicating things:

PipeRead 'echo *FvwmDock: Geometry +$(($[vp.width]/2-$[w.width]/2))-0'

Of course, I don’t think $[w] actually refers to anything in this case… I’d like it to (obviously) refer to the FvwmButtons instance I’m building.

Recent FVWM versions have:

Style foo PositionPlacement Center

You could use that on configure_notify requests for your FvwmButtons.

– Thomas Adam

21 MB config file? are you kidding? I would prefer that you remove uneccessary things like icons/walls etc. :open_mouth:

I like your conf! clean but good looking.
the download though is quite big…

Thank you. I’m not particularly sharp so you’ll need to walk me through this. Initially I was picturing an FvwmEvent (FvwmEvent: configure_notify), but I think I’m out to lunch.

Thanks! I repacked my config (it’s a little different now) by removing the backgrounds and icons as Chris Cornell suggested.



P.S. I find myself typing :wq when I’m done writing a post… am I the only one? :wink:

thank you! 8)

You’re not alone! :slight_smile:
The next step is vimperator

Cool! Have you tried it?

Yes. There are some bugs (at least with some web sites and with rendering some backgrounds). But it is pretty nice (for vim addicts) :slight_smile:

I personally prefer emacs and opera…but there’s something for the emacs addicted people outthere for ff too (

I think we have to go back to topic^^

Why not just “ZZ” :confused:

Why didn’t I know this before? Quite handy.