Anybody could give me Mikhael Goikhman's fvwm2rc?

I like his background picture and his themes is somehow like WindowsXP,but I think it’s more beautiful than XP’s.

And you can see his screenshot in : … t=20&num=5
If you haven’t seen it.

My EMail is

Thank you very much for your help.

Don’t think there’s such a thing as a .fvwm2rc for this theme, as it looks like it is created by fvwm-themes, which uses modules located in system wide directories.
You could install fvwm-themes, and get started to reproduce it yourself (just select the modules you like)

It is part of fvwm-themes, yes.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks for your help.
I had installed fvwm-themes, however, I didn’t know how to use it .I had just learn the FVWM.
I will search how to use it in google.