Application specific icons on taskbar

Hi, Don’t know the right language to ask this question efficiently, but…

I’d like to set up my taskbar so that when I, say, open vi/xpdf/alpine in an xterm, an vi/xpdf/alpine logo shows up on the relevant button on the taskbar.
That is, I want to mimic what happens when I open up chrome, which is that the chrome logo shows up.

Presumably, what’s required here is to be able to modify either the Class or the Resource property of the window, e.g., for my Chrome window, it is
Class: Google-chrome
Resource: google-chrome
Presumably, the Resource field picks up a chrome logo from somewhere

For all my other windows, the class and Resources are simply XTerm and xterm respectively, which I assume are the defaults, with no logo attached.

Any advice would be most appreciated

Have you looked at the Icon and MiniIcon style options?

See the man page for details.

Thanks blackdragon for the response. Unfortunately, the man page is way way beyond my comprehension level, at least for the purposes of this exercise, e.g., what I need to figure out is how to tell fvwm that I’ve just opened vi, so now fvwm should attach a .xpm file to the icon for the xterm from which I accessed vi. Man pages seem to assume people know how to do that sort of basic thing.

If I understand it correctly, this is the same issue I have with my urxvt terminal. Maybe this gives some hints on your case: … e#Set_icon