Applications without header.

Hello people.

I have a question. I dont know if FVWM is capable of this. I really think no WM or DE is capable. Could it be possible to run any webbroser without its headers and borders. I mean, could it be possible to run some browser showing just the html page, not any of its bars or borders?

I dont think its possible as these things are hard-coded on the browsers, but it would be great to get a page just as it was loaded in a terminal dont you think?

If any WM is possible of that I think FVWM is the one. But I dont think so.

The way I am thinking about to get this is to hack firefox and supress all its bars and configure it on FVWM so that it doesnt have any border.

Sorry for the stupid question.

Try to close all toolbars in firefox, and hit F11.

I know what you mean. But this is not the way I want firefox to behave.

Thank you. I really don it’s even possible.

If you explain more what you want appart from what FF F11 key gives. It might be possible to do things with fvwm. Either in combination with F11 or without it. Your description of what you want isn’t very clear. Some illustration would be good.

No only firefox, but also konqueror and opera at least has that feature. You can use FvwmEvent to catch the window when it is open and send a fakekeypress to it, that way you have the fullscreen browser.

If you want the browser to be auto-fullscreen only in some circumstances you should look into starting different instances of the browser with different names (for that you will need to investigate command line options for the browsers, im not sure if all of them suport that way of instanciation).

I don;t believe you guys understand what he is trying to do. I think I do, so let me explain.

He wants to run Firefox without any of the tool bars, address bars, etc. He wants it to just be a window (webpage) with a title bar.

That said…you will have to do some serious editing of Firefox files to achieve that sort of thing. I don’t believe that fvwm has any control over that.

You can set up epiphany like this:

Disable toolbars in view menu
Use gconf-editor to change /apps/epiphany/lockdown/hide_menubar to TRUE
Use fvwm style to set handlewidth to 0 or !title

There’s a firefox plugin that can hide the menubar. Aside from that, the rest you can do straight from firefox (i.e. remove status bar, toolbar, and tabs).