apply style to iconic windows

I’d like to apply a different focus policy to my iconified windows, but thus far I haven’t figured out how to do so, as my icons have no names.

Is there some iconic class I can apply a style to?

Some applications allow for you to specify a different icon name from the main window, but not all. Your best bet is to use something such as this:

DestroyFunc StyleIcons
AddToFunc   StyleIcons
+ I All (CurrentPage, Iconic) WindowStyle ClickToFocus

… as an example. This assumes that the application in question is already iconic at the time you want to apply that. If you wanted it to happen for certain windows once they were automatically iconified…

DestroyModuleConfig FE-IconStyle:*
*FE-IconStyle: Cmd Function
*FE-IconStyle: iconify SomeFunc

Module FvwmEvent FE-iconStyle

DestrouFunc SomeFunc
AddToFunc  SomeFunc
+ I  WindowStyle .....

You’ll also have to destroy the window style on deiconify, hence:

*FE-IconStyle: deiconify DestroyWindowStyle

– Thomas Adam