Are Decors really going away?

I had used decors in previous configurations, but then I moved away from them because of the deprecation notice in the FVWM man page. Lately I’ve been toying with styles for windows that are based on class/resource/etc. That is, using different colors, title styles, fonts, and button coloring for different windows, but simultaneously. So far, Decors are the only way I have been able to accomplish this.

So, are Decors really going away, and if they are, can anyone give me a hint as to how I might have different title styles, button styles, and decorations for different windows? No doubt the answer is stunningly obvious, but it hasn’t occurred to me.

Fvwm is fairly frozen except for rare feature updates and occasional bug fixes. So for the Fvwm 2.6.x branch use decors as fit as they are what is there. Currently they are one of the only way to group Tittle,Button,Border styles and apply them as a single group via a Style. If you need to use them use them.

This is what I was beginning to suspect.

So no idea if they’re actually scheduled for removal?

Not in fvwm2. In fvwm3, yes, they’ll all disappear.

– Thomas Adam

Then the next question of course is, if there is an approximation for when fvwm3 will appear, or if there will be some cool new feature superseding decors :wink:

To be honest, for years I used e16, and loved the possibilities it brought in regard of window-style, so some kind of new way to define arbitrary parts anywhere looking as you wish (taking a color or pixmap) and bind them as you please would be awesome :wink:

Don’t hold your breath waiting for fvwm3.

Fvwm2 is now mostly frozen. Only work I see going on in fvwm2 is bug fixes. Any new features in fvwm2 won’t be ground breaking if any more get added.

There has been talk about fvwm3 and if any active development gets done in fvwm it will be in that direction, but that is a big if. At the time I don’t think any of the developers are going to start working in that direction.

Fvwm2 is now mostly frozen. Only work I see going on in fvwm2 is bug fixes. 

That’s not bad either, it means in the worst case scenario that a given patch with this functionality wouldn’t aim at a moving target :wink:

That’s a shame. Looks like the project is dying.

It’s not; in particular I’d seen a great effort with fixing my own related bug with window/icon titles.
It’s just that software is stable, it usually does not need to have much changes because people did settled on it :wink: