At boot and restart!


I use the following to the start of fvwm:

AddToFunc StartFunction

  • I Test (Init) Exec exec gnome-settings-daemon
  • I PipeRead “sleep 3”
  • I Module FvwmCommandS
  • I Module FvwmEvent
  • I Module FvwmPager
  • I Module FvwmProxy
  • I Module FvwmButtons -g 56x560-0+75
  • I PipeRead “echo Module FvwmButtons -g 1024x20+0+0 FvwmBar”
  • I PipeRead “sleep 1”
  • I Test (Restart) LoadCaptured
  • I Test (Init) Exec exec fvwm-root -r --dither ~/Documents/linux/art_linux/wallpapers_png/haiku_1024x768.png
  • I Test (Init) Exec exec xscreensaver -nosplash
  • I Test (Init) Exec exec gaim
  • I PipeRead “sleep 1”
  • I Test (Init) Exec exec gdeskcal
  • I Test (Init) Exec exec gkrellm
  • I Test (Init) Exec exec trayer --widthtype request --heighttype pixel --height 25 --edge top --align right --distance 35 --tint black --alpha 150 --transparent true --margin 1

my problem is that if I kill trayer for example and do a fvwm restart, this one is not started again!!!

How can I get this behavior?

Regards, Brice

For those applications you want to run at restart, you can change to use:

+ I Test (Restart) Exec exec program_name

– Thomas Adam

that’s allright!

thanks a lot!