audacious decorates itself, causing difficulties

/me is a fvwm n00b, but a fast learner.

question about the media players: audacious, beep-media-player and xmms.
they implement their own window decorations, but fvwm (2.5.16) doesn’t provide any visual feedback as i grab the titlebar and move the window.

in other words, the window stays put after i grab the titlebar and begin moving the mouse. only after i release the mouse button, does the window appear in its new location.

is there a way to have the window track normally along with me as i move it around the desktop?

i am using stonecrest’s config from this thread:


I believe the media players have an option called “Allow Window Manager decorations”, which is probably the option you are needing.

You need this thread:, please continue discussion there.



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