Auto move windows

I was searching for a code that moves applications to specific workspaces when they create windows. I found what sounds like doing the auto move but not sure how it works.

+ I ThisWindow ("Mozilla Firefox") MoveToPage 1 0

#Can this code be added to the standard...?
+ "Firefox" Exec exec firefox

@rasat I found this here, perhaps it will help:

will start an xterm on desk number 1;

xterm -xrm "*Page:3 2 1"

will start an xterm two pages to the right and one down from the upper left hand page of desk number 3. Not all applications understand the use of these options, however.

You could achieve the same results with the following lines in your

XTerm*Desk: 1

Thanks, manyroads. It works well with xterm but not for other applications, such as firefox and thunderbird. Or, the code has to be different.

xterm -xrm “*Page:1 0”

There’s also StartsOnPage and Starts0nDesk style options.

I strongly discourage using the Xrm method. Very few applications support it, and I’ll be removing it in Fvwm3 soon.

Thanks, thomasadam. I managed to start apps on pages 0, 1, and 3. How to page 2?

Test (x firefox) + "Firefox" Exec exec firefox
Style Firefox StartsOnPage 0 0 0 #page 0

Test (x thunar) + "Thunar" Exec exec thunar
Style Thunar StartsOnPage 0 1 0 #page 1

Test (x thunderbird) + "Thunderbird" Exec exec thunderbird
#Style Thunderbird StartsOnPage ? ? ? #page 2

Test (x evolution) + "Evolution" Exec exec evolution
Style Evolution StartsOnPage 0 1 1 #page 3

After trial and error found the code for page 2 and also style for Thunderbird.

Test (x thunderbird) + "Thunderbird" Exec exec thunderbird
Style "Mozilla Thunderbird" StartsOnPage 0 0 1