auto start fvwm?

How can I get fvwm to auto start when I boot up my computer?

you mean auto-login, or boot to xdm/gdm/kdm what have you and then log in?

uh… I guess auto-login.

I don’t want to have to log in and type startx everytime I reboot.

mmm… I don’t think fvwm has an auto login option, but you could try editing inittab and running fvwm using the -l option to agetty. You’ll need a wrapper script to sudo fvwm so it runs as you and not root.

I had this conversation with a guy a while back who needed to do something similar with XMAME. He posted bunch of links about how he got it working IIRC.

the discussion is here. Hope it helps.

Alternatively. set up xdm to boot you straight into X. You’ll still need to login, and xdm takes a little fiddling to make it look cool, but you get to skip startx. I can poit you at some xdm resources, although setting it up to launch on start up is a but distro dependant

Perhaps this will be of benefit:

– Thomas Adam

All you need to do for an autologin is to put openvt instead of agetty in your /etc/inittab. Check out