autogenerate menus using xdg

I thought I would share my most recent discovery. I am constantly looking for new software and the next big idea! I am so impressed by things that you others create…I am just a tad bit lazy and slightly impatient.

Well, while on the other day I came across a “panel” type program that uses xdg to generate menus and I tried it. Only problem was it wasn’t native to fvwm so it was slightly wonky.

So naturally I thought, “surely someone in the fvwm community has made a script to parse xdg menus” And was I right. Through a lot of searching I found this:
I wont bore you with screenshots and such! You can go to his site for that good stuff! Hope some of you will find is work helpful! I love it. Now, you truly can have autogenerating menus!

You programmer and script writer people ROCK!

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