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Autosave window position sounds

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In enlightenment there is option to dynamically remember the position/size/location of a window, simply by rightclick > remember . It is possible to choose what needs to saved from that there…
Obviously given fvwm’s capabilities such a thing for fvwm doesn’t seem like a very good idea to me

SO as an alternative, how about some style option like
"Style * AutosaveGeometry "
"Style ‘somewindow’ AutosaveGeometry "

So that simply by moving/resizing the desired window/panel its position and/or size is saved! So that upon restart it starts with the same size/position.

I have seen requests for geometry as a style option but IMHO autosave would be much more flexible , Though even the geometry as style option would be great.

Can you please read this:


I’m locking this post in lieu of you replying there.

I disagree – and see the aforementioned link as to why.

Of course, with your original suggestion what you want is a Session Manager, and/or see FvwmSave and FvwmSaveDesk as modules – but don’t count on these modules being in future versions of FVWM; I hope they get deleted, frankly. They’re useless.

– Thomas Adam