Bad Fonts in Taskbar and Pager


How can I change the font for the Taskbar and the Pager ? Style * Font … and
DefaultFont … and MenuFont … don’t work and my default fonts (the font(s) which is used when I don’t mention anything in the config is very unshaped).
I have the same problem with other w-managers, I always have to set up every font, because the default just looks very unshaped.

I don’t have this problem with desktop-environments, so…


I am pretty sure you have to define the font individually for each of those modules. For FvwmTaskBar, you could say something like this:

*FvwmTaskBar: Font "xft:Sans:Medium:Roman:size=11:encoding=iso8859-1"

To check how to change the font for other modules, check here:

If you want to use the exact some font for everything, you can set an environment variable like this:

SetEnv Font "xft:Verdona:roman:pixelsize=11:minspace=True"

And then use it in each configuration line by placing “$[Font]” where the font should go.

  • Phil

Thank you, I’ll try. :smiley:

Yepp, it works. Cool. 8)