Bash to run FvwmConsole command?

I have one bash script that takes screenshots of a weather website every 15 minutes and crops it into an image (585x400). This script works well.

cutycapt --out=forecaWEB.png
convert forecaWEB.png -crop 685x400+215+1371 FinWCROP.png

Also, it crops one icon (92x90) for one FvwmButton which is also updated every 15 minutes, as well as the FvwmButton is supposed to do. For the button, the Schedule command doesn’t work on long timing such as 900000.

DestroyFunc LoopButton
AddToFunc LoopButton
+ I Schedule 900000 LoopButton
+ I KillModule FvwmButtons WiconB
+ I Module FvwmButtons WiconB


How to run Bash with FvwmConsole commands:

KillModule FvwmButtons WiconBFi
Module FvwmButtons WiconBFi

Or, as a function?

This is the weather screenshot embedded in Yad dialog box. On the panel is the icon in a FvwmButton… click here.

I found that sequence is causing the problem, not the Schedule. The function LoopButton has to start later than the Bash loop which updates the website screenshot.

The Schedule works fine, still good to know if Bash terminal can run FvwmConsole commands.