bibi.skuk 's Fvwm config

So, after almost 1 month with Fvwm, here is my config (work in progress)

and my Xdm config,

As you can see, I use a lot of console-based apps, and I have still some problems with my terms. ( I want to change the term name, maybe I don’t look enough deep in the manpages, and Icons specific to the apps in the term, for iconify and in the pager.)

This Screen is Inspired by Taviso, legout, and lots of other configs of this forum…

I apologise for the size of the shots and for my bad english[/img]

I don’t post my config for now because it is a bit disordonned, and i want to cut my file in many more littles…

One this screen I use only :
[] A pager[/:m]
[] Lots and lots of FvwmButtons ( 5 )[/:m]
[] Firefox[/:m]
[] Lots of Mrxvt[/:m]
[] torsmo with a config like legout ( I fall in love with the root-tree style…)[/:m][/list:u]

that xdm setup is sweet!!

Your colors play nicely together.

I never thought I was going to like the fvwm icons, but you have integrated them very well in your theme :wink:

If you want to complete your theme, I would suggest that you find a matching firefox theme, and change the start/stop/pause etc. icons to match the rest of the icons.

Keep the good work going!


What Fvwm icons ?? It is the icons from QNX…

I make some littles changes in this config :

For the Firefox theme, I will think about it…

Oops, my fault… :blush: I thought they looked like the icons often used in screenshots from

They do, because after taviso used those QNX icons they became quite popular :wink:

Many little changements… I cut lots of things in the menu… add more key-bindings… change the wallpaper modify my buttons ( cut some useless stuff… )

Looks just great. It’s very taviso-like and that’s good! :smiley:

hy, on th top of screen, you use, date and clock… can you tell me how i can use that in my fvwm please?

It’s probably a modified version of this FvwmScript.


I see u are using mpc/mpd script in torsmo. Where did u found it. Looks accectly like mine.
I´m just curios. Did u write it urself and it looks like mine, or did u found it somewhere. :question: (I haven´t uploaded it anywhere :question: )

But all in all, your screen looks great.

I just see your torsmo config in your screenshots in the forum… And I fall in Love…
So I take my littles hands and i made a shell script to display the informations individually…

The Fvwmbuttons for mpc/mpd is your’s a bit modified( I don’t use pympc but ncmpc to have a playlist )

So to answer rapidly to the question, I write it in order to look like yours :slight_smile:

How about giving us a link to that wallpaper :wink:

hi bibi, you config is very cool! can you post your configuration? please

link to the wallpaper :

hi there,

I never really toyed around with changing fonts, and I am bad with names; excuse my ignorance in this :O)

Which font are you using (I know it isn’t anything we haven’t seen…)


-artiwz-snap-* for the windows and -artwiz-smooth-* in the terms…

thanks :O)

nice theme :slight_smile:
can you link to those window decorations?
I liked them a lot! :smiley: