Blaise's stable setup

My setup is not extraordinarily unique, but for me it functions very well. The main criteria is not accidently doing the wrong thing when operating the windows. It’s simple things like being able to drag a window into the next page but not being able to accidently scroll onto another page with the mouse, that really make a setup viable.

Three things have worked especially well for me:

  1. I hate trying to find the buttons of a window when windows overlap. To avoid this problem, as well as the problem of accidently closing a window, I use the title bar as a single button that opens the window operations menu. Not super unique, but I used to have both buttons and window operations menu which meant I instinctively moved the mouse to a certain part of the title bar even when it was obscured. Now I just look for the nearest open part of the title bar.
  2. In the Operations menu, there is the option to maximize half-right or half-left, which is very useful for comparing documents and multitasking.
  3. To avoid accidently clicking the wrong window, each mouse button can only perform a single action on the window. The left mouse button only affects the title bar of a window; the middle button can can only grab a window’s border to move it across the screen; the right button can only grab a window’s border to resize it. Again, fairly standard operations, but limiting the buttons to only work for particular operations is helpful to me.

Here is my screenshot

Here is my config

Plain, simple and functional, I can appreciate that :slight_smile: