blmartin777's Stuff!

Hey just thought I would join the action and post a few screenshots.
Here’s one

Here is my latest. I just think white is so much cleaner.

No,The black definately looks better.

You want to post your config so we can all play with it?


You know after I read that post you got me thinking and I have always had dark desktops so I did another one.

I don’t really know how to post my config. I use fvwm-crystal with my own modifications. I will try to figure it out.

If you compress your .fvwm directory like so:

tar cvzf fvwm.tgz .fvwm

then post it up on your site.

That way we will get your config file (.fvwm2rc) and any icons used.


wow the last one is really great, I like the system info in the bottom rightcorner

For your info, that system monitor is called torsmo, available here:

thanks, didn’t know that yet

Just a few minor changes (moved some buttons around and greyscaled the wallpaper) but thought I should post my config.

and config

More changes

Very nice :slight_smile: Good use of transparency. Any chance you’d post your latest config?

Yeah I was going to do that when I posted the screenshot but I forgot.

Thanks for the config files. One question though, what does your config for torsmo look like? I can’t get mine to look like yours.


I will just post the whole thing for you.

[code]# torsmo configuration

background no

font 7x13

use_xft yes

xftfont snap-13

xftalpha 0.8

update_interval 2.0

own_window no

double_buffer yes

minimum_size 280 5

draw_shades no

draw_outline no

draw_borders no

border_margin 4

default_color rgb:ff/ff/ff
default_shade_color rgb:ff/ff/ff
default_outline_color rgb:ff/ff/ff

alignment bottom_left

gap_x 238
gap_y 5

no_buffers yes

uppercase yes

$nodename - $sysname $kernel - ${color}Uptime$color $uptime - Temp: $acpitemp C - CPU SPEED: $freq MHz
${color}CPU Usage:$color $cpu% - RAM Usage:$color $memperc% - Swap Usage:$color $swapperc% - / $color${fs_free /}/${fs_size /}[/code]


–> Split the topic to reflect the changed nature of the discussion no longer being about screenshots and configs. You can find the topic here, under the name Setting the Background and xrdb. under the Basic Questions section.

– Thomas Adam

Got another one. Pretty much just a new wallpaper and a few color changes.

man can u post link for our config

Yeah, please share your config with us! Your latest tar isn’t uploaded anymore and I really want to use your theme (and tweak it to my liking of course). :smiley:

Here it is sorry I have been on vacation.

Thanks for the long awaited tar. :smiley:

Oh wow, I totally didn’t read that this was a configuration for fvwm-crystal. Hmm, is there an easy way to convert it to use plain FVWM? (ie, congregate all the files in config/ into a big .fvwm2rc file).

EDIT: Nevermind it seems to work. I just renamed config to .fvwm2rc and restarted and I’m off! :smiley: