Hi all

Some screens of my config :

and a little movie

more screenshots

download page

i 'd like to thanks :

  • taviso for the larges comments on his configs
  • pem because this theme is mainly inspired from
  • i found a makefile on this forum for the thumbnailings so thanks to the author
  • msantinho for the weather popup
    and the fvwm community .

[color=red]28-10-2005[/color] : done !

  • theme switch : see Here(the last one is another theme !)

i will release the new tarball soon , i 've have to do some changes.

ok here it is :

  • sometimes, when you change of themes the terminal stay in the middle of he screen, you need to “CTRL + ESC” for masking it.
  • if you switch of themes with some windows opened , maybe they will loose their styles so u’ll need to restart.
  • and yeah it is still a little buggy :wink: .

[color=red]wed 23 nov[/color]
sorry , my account is suspended , i need to find a way to post my config.
freshmeat seems ok but it will available in one week so i’m looking for a solution.

[color=red]tue 24 nov[/color]
well, it’s ok now.

That’s very nice, congratulations ! It semms to be very fonctionnal.

Now thats a nice config !! Too bad it has rounded corners , though it seems pretty nice, is it fast ??
with so many pixmaps i bet its kind a slow isnt it ??

Oh that is very nice do you plan to post your config?


hi all

thanks to all
well , i dont really think it is slow but sometimes thumbnailings takes times to respond.
of course i will release it but i want to put in the config all the https of many people i was talking about in my top post.(included station linux sorry lucky :blush: )
the config is not dynamic and i do not plan to do it so it work well in 1024x768.
so for those who are interested i will release it tommorrow. :wink:

You are apologised :laughing:

well , sorry but there is an unbeliveable mess in my config, i had to finish
to clean it before post it.
this is the latest shot , think it is ok , pfffiou.

EDIT : see the first post since i have updated the theme.

ok here it is

My Config (1024x768)

and a movie (about 15 Mo)My Demo to show quickly how it works.

Hope it will suit you.I’m waiting for your feedbacks

c u.

 Length: 2,387,752 (2.3M) [application/x-tar]

100%[=========================================================================================>] 2,387,752    556.45K/s    ETA 00:00

11:53:11 (453.56 KB/s) - `Blue-theme-by-Ryo.tar.gz' saved [2387752/2387752]
 > gunzip Blue-theme-by-Ryo.tar.gz 

gunzip: Blue-theme-by-Ryo.tar.gz: unexpected end of file

try tar zxvf file.tar.gz

same result

hi cub

i will have a look at this tonight 'cause i’m not at home.
retry after my later post ( it’s 4 pm , i will post at 8 )


Tarball error probably

ok , there was an error with the tarball like mascanho says,
it’s ok now.

My config

My demo


What app did you use to make that movie? That is totally cool!

I think it`s Xvidcap :slight_smile:


you’re right slackman, that’s it.

Very cool guys1 Thanks!

I’ve installed the gdesklet, but the clock wont appear!
Do I miss something?

Can root use all the function, or I need to be a simple user?


Some GUI programs refuse to run as root, and well should they, you should never sun X as root, or even log in as root to start with…there’s su and sudo and they have a reason for existing…