Body's config

Other shots: … _scrot.png … _scrot.png … _scrot.png

My config :smiley: i finally stuck with one, so, these are my first screenshots. I’m planning on adding more stuff to it, but right now i’m pleased with what i got.

I love clean desktops, and, well, this is as clean as it can get :laughing:

dont have much to say, i mean, there is no FvwmButtons or anything that will get your attention at first, but, got some stuff under the hood. I guess whats worth taking notice is the fvwm-menu-directory for audio and images, and, ahm, the thumbnails :slight_smile: Told ya it was clean…

I appreciate any suggestions. Any doubts, post here (or pm). And, as for the config itself, i’ll post it after i improve its “documentation”.

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