Bug about schedule?

DestroyFunc a
AddToFunc a

  • I Schedule Periodic 1500 1003 b

DestroyFunc b
AddToFunc b

  • I Deschedule 1003

DestroyFunc c
AddToFunc c

  • I Deschedule 1003

When call function a, function b do not stop before function c is called.

I have solve this problem with a little trick by using the FvwmCommands.
change the function b to:

DestroyFunc b
AddToFunc b

  • I Exec FvwmCommand “Deschedule 1003”


A simple additonal Schedule will do it:

Schedule 1 Deschedule foo

And yes, what you’re seeing is known about Schedule – has been for a long time now. There’s not a lot you can do about it.

– Thomas Adam