[BUG]transparent png titlebar button problem in toggled mode

so i’ll start with screenshoots:


I use transparent png images for buttons (24x24 px), titlebar is 24px height… and it’s made using mulipixmaps title Tiledpixmap

Here’s theme config file…

When i use nontransparent png images, everything is ok (i tried with same config… just replaced buttons from other theme)
File names are ok… and images are ok, i can view them in gimp and xv as well…
(i use same filenames for all themes)

Button, that i use to set app on top also acts weird… it doesn’t update icon… it only use same icon when toggled and when not…

I hope this info is enough…

OK, it’s a bug…

If you use only 1 state of titlebar and multipixmaps, then it won’t happen, but if you happen to use active and inactive state, then using transparent buttons (png, xpm) will cause problems in some states

I can’t see screenshots

but you can see them in forum, right?, well i can see.
Pressing on them, indeed, won’t show them… probably because they are very small (i only posted decoration part)