Can I add a timer to delay sloppy focus?


With sloppy focus, the window get focus immediatly when pointer enters into it. Can I add a timer to delay the focus, say when the pointer leave window A and enter window B, A still has focus until pointer stays in B for 1 sec?

I have this request because I have some buttons at the corner of the screen that control current window. I don’t want the current window lose focus when I move my mouse just passing some other windows.

Sorry for my poor English.


This is a great question, I would like to know as well.


I am thinking using FvwmAuto module and set a virable to trace the last focused window.

Will give it a try.

I’m trying this with no luck… if ANYONE out there that knows haw this can be done…

*FvwmEvent: focus_change DelayedFocus

DestroyFunc DelayedFocus
AddToFunc DelayedFocus

  • I Schedule 20 Focus

You could use that, or FvwmAuto.

– Thomas Adam

Sadly none of the proposed solutions I found in the formu work… either I’m doing something wrong…

Try to use enter_window instead of focus_change. Also you will have to use a different focus policy for it not to change the focus before your event does.

Style * ClickToFocus

[code]*FvwmEvent: enter_window DelayedFocus

DestroyFunc DelayedFocus
AddToFunc DelayedFocus

  • I Schedule 1000 PointerWindow Focus[/code]

It’s little buggy :confused:

OK this is what I’m using now and it works…

Also with ClickToFocus of course that was the problem acctually

Module FvwmAuto 1000 -passid -menter enf

DestroyFunc enf
AddToFunc enf

  • I WindowId $0 (AcceptsFocus, !Focused) Focus

thanks for all your help…
For some reasn it didn’t for when I tried it first… now it does…

Shaozi got it to work apparently, might be worth checking out :slight_smile: