Can i disable moving and resizing windows?

Is there some commands or functions, which can disable:

  1. window resizing?
  2. window moving?
    We have 2 monitors machine, there is one automatic starting maximized videocadr in each monitor, i need users can do nothing with it.

All other problems,are solved, there is only this 2.
P.S. Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile: .

Style foo FixedSize
Style foo FixedPosition

– Thomas Adam

yesterday tried it at work.
It`s working :slight_smile:.Thanks.

Find something else,what disturbs me,didn`t see it earlier. it can brake requirements(need users can do nothing ), for this user…
Tommorow at work will try to solve it . if not ,i ll ask for help . :wink:

I have no idea what you’re saying here.

– Thomas Adam


No, really. I was being serious. You can either stop the window moving, or you can’t. I don’t understand what you mean when you say “for this user…”.

– Thomas Adam

ohhh… you dont understand that :smiley: !?!? i thought you dont understand what i am saying at all :smiley:.
“For this user” - means for user with name(login) “d” (for example).
We have machine on what can work(login) many users , “a” , “b”… “d”… “z”
and for user “d” i need that on his desktop always are only 2 windonws… and he cant do nothing with it.(i cant say and explain what i am thinking because do not know english well :frowning: ) resizing and moving are solved. now it dont resize and dont move . (thx) and other problem about what i said yesterday is menu - its opening when i click the desktop with left mouse button. i just wrote -
Mouse 1 R A -
in .fvwmrc
and it`s all, now nothing happens when click :slight_smile:.
P.S. Wrote this message(however like other) how i can(i mean language),if u understand something - it is cool