can you switch to same desktop simultaneously on two screens

suppose i am running an x server with two screens and fvwm2 (fvwm-2.4.20-1.el4) with two desktops. is there a way to use FvwmPager or keyboard shortcuts to switch from desktop 0 to desktop 1 on both x screens at the same time?


No. And you shouldn’t be using FVWM 2.4.X anything anymore. Use 2.6.3. The reason you can’t do this is if you’re running FVWM on two screens, those processes are independent of one another.

– Thomas Adam

thanks for your reply. i’ll have to find a workaround. i wouldn’t personally have chosen 2.4.x, but i have to test on what my customers are running. same as i have customers running red hat 7.2, solaris 7, and digital unix 4.0d :slight_smile:

Well, do you really mean two separate monitors (i.e., not Xinerama?) only that implies FVWM running separately on two different displays. I suppose what you could do is setup FvwmEvent to fire off an FvwmCommand to the other running FVWM instance, but this is hacky, laggy, and introduces circular references which I don’t like.

But then the bigger question here is why you’re not using Xinerama at all, in terms of X, and just never turning it on in FVWM; then FVWM would simply reflect everything you’re doing on both monitors. You’d get the functionality you’re after for free.

– Thomas Adam

i inquired about xinerama but was told that the customer’s configuration required separate x screens…

Right – then it is possible to do – but such configurations would be very limiting and not something I would recommend.

– Thomas Adam

okay, thanks again.