"Cannot partse Color ..."


i’m a newbi. I have a CoLinux system installed with a fedora core 1 system.
i have installed kde and now fvwm on it.
if i start fvwm i get the following error messages:
“Cannor parse Color “black”
Cannot parse color “grey”
I can see fvwm, but if i watched the menu, every button is black with a black font. I can read nothing and don’t know what to do.

I tried to install another theme (and i think it works) but the error message is the same and i can read nothing too.

Any ideas what this message means or how can solve this problem?



I’m not sure what this message means, but this sentence from the “Fvwm Beginners Guide” could perhaps help…

This file don’t exist on the given path in my distro (Suse 9.0) but perhaps on yours.
Hope I could help you.



thanks fpr reply. The file realy don’t exist. I created it and filled it with the above block at your link. Therefore the error message for black and white shouldn’t be come. But the problem was the same, it can’t parse the color black and white and grey and …

On my gentoo system, the rgb.txt file is in /usr/lib/X11/. Gentoo has been moving some X stuff around recently though, so I think it should be in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/(IIRC) for everyone else.

Also, you should have “RgbPath” set in xorg.conf(or the xfree config file). Make sure you don’t add the .txt extension. Mine says: RgbPath "/usr/lib/X11/rgb"