Cannot paste from emacs to nedit

When I select some text from emacs and try to paste it into nedit nothing happens. Does anyone know why its not possible to paste into nedit from emacs?

You can – the issue is to do with how X11 deals with cut and pasting. (Primary versus cut buffers).

I suspect all you need to, is press your middle mouse button in Nedit.

See here:

– Thomas Adam

I have tried to use the middlemouse button. Funny thing is that i work fine when I paste from gaim, pico etc.

And what method were you using to copy the text from initially?

It works fine here, using select and middle mouse button, as expected. Does it work for you if you press Shift + Ins, instead?

– Thomas Adam

Are you on an amd64? In that case is either nedit, fvwm or emacs running 32bit binaries?

No I am using an “old” AMD Barton 2500+

just needed to add the to my .emacs file:
'(x-select-enable-clipboard t))