Can't change bordercolor on my Pager

I would like the borders on my pager to be black. But all other window borders should keep their default color.

I have tried the follwoing:

*FvwmPager: Window3DBorders
Colorset 24 black
*FvwmPager: WindowColorsets Colorset * 24
*FvwmPager: Window3DBorders

Read in the man pages that Window3DBorders only work if I also use WindowColorsets.

But the borders are still the default gray color.

Right – what you’ll have to do is create another colorset for your pager and set the colorset for it to be the same for both Active and Inactive. Note that there is no other way of doing this – you cannot as yet colourise individual borders of a window.

– Thomas Adam

This is ehat I got:

Colorset 23 Transparent, fg black, bg darkgray
Style TestPager ParentalRelativity
KillModule FvwmPager TestPager
DestroyModuleConfig FvwmPager: TestPager
*TestPager: Colorset * 23

Style FvwmPager StaysOnTop
*TestPagerLabel * “Virtual Desktops”
*TestPagerGeometry 160x120-23+23
*TestPager: SolidSeparators
*TestPagerSmallFont 5x8

*TestPager: Window3DBorders
Colorset 22 fg black, bg black
*TestPager: WindowColorsets 22

Module FvwmPager TestPager

So as you see I do use two Colorsets.

If I read correctly, you get transparent pager with that, with the miniature windows painted black in it. I understood you meant the borders of the pager. So, if that is the case, you need to know that borders (may) have actually 3 colours:
1 - the actual colour in the “middle”,
2 - “hilight” colour for 3d-look,
3 - “shadow” colour for 3d-look

With that, you could do maybe like this:

colorset 25 bg black, fg black, sh black, hi black

Style "TestPager" BorderColorset 25
# (and maybe HilightBorderColorset 25, too, if it accepts focus/gets raised)

man FvwmTheme gives good info on Colorsets and how they work