can't compile

Hi everybody,
I just moved in a new company where my Unix user account restrictions are very high. I was formerly so used with fvwm that now I can’t figure how to work without it. Please I need help! I can’t work with that stupid CDE…

This is the situation: I tried to download the fvwm package in order to install it with the --prefix option, but then I discovered that in the OS there is not even a compiler … neither cc nor gcc nor acc.

Is there any chance for me?
Thank you!

Odd. I like CDE.

Then you can’t compile FVWM. The FVWM site does have links to binary packages, though. You mention “Unix” – so I assume it is Solaris, HPUX, or some other variant? Specifying which, is often of help.

– Thomas Adam

I can’t find binary packages you are talking about… am I missing it? My OS is Solaris 8.
Thank you for your help

You might want to try Fvwm 2.5.14, the 2.5.13 version had some bugs in compiling on Solaris.

well, I still can’t find the correct link for pre-compiled packages… could anybody give me an hint?

There are none for Solaris afaik, but 2.5.14 should compile alright on Solaris :slight_smile:

You can try a cross compiler or compile a gcc for solaris. has fvwm 2.4.19 available as a package for Solaris.

I doubt it will do much good, since if you can’t install gcc, you won’t be able to install fvwm (access to the package database required).

One way, if you’re determined to do this, is to download a pre-compiled gcc package (from the Solaris Package Archive), unpack it (gunzip -c GNUgcc.version.arch.os.pkg.tgz | tar xvf-) and try to use that instance of gcc to build fvwm. I don’t know how much effort it will require to get that to work, if at all. You’ll probably have to fiddle around with LD_LIBRARY_PATH. The archive also has some older packages of fvwm (2.4.14) which you could try the same trick on. Your employer might not see this as a good use of your time! :wink:

Hope this helps. I think I’d just stick with CDE.