Can't get output from correct dir

I have made a little script that checks for new mail in a specified folder.

I have made sure to check that the commands work when I type it from a shell:

cd Maildir/new | ls -l | wc -l
which outputs 0 which is correct since there is no new mail.

But when it gets executed in this script:

WindowTitle {FvwmMail}
WindowSize  128 24     # Taille
Font		"Shadow=1:xft:Verdana:bold:pixelsize=12:minspace=true"
  Set $sp = {Newsss msg: }(GetOutput {cd ~/Maildir/new | ls -l | wc -l} 1 -1)
  ChangeTitle 1 $sp

  If (RemainderOfDiv (GetTime) 5)==0 Then
  Set $sp = {Newddd msg: }(GetOutput {cd ~/Maildir/new |ls -l | wc -l} 1 -1)
  ChangeTitle 1 $sp

Widget 1
 Size 128 24
 Position 0 0
 Colorset 60
 Font		"Shadow=1:xft:Verdana:pixelsize=10:minspace=true"
 Flags Center
 Type ItemDraw
 Title {}

it constantly outputs ‘26’ which is the number of files that I have in my homw dir + 1.

Why does it output the count of files in my homedir +1 instead of the number of files in Maildir/new??

It doesn’t work if I try that from the shell. I don’t think the current directory is preserved after the first pipe. Anyway, you can use this command instead:

ls ~/Maildir/new | wc -l

Note that the “-l” option to ls is not needed and causes the file count to be incremented by 1 (the “total x” line).

try to use

           ls -1 ~/Maildir/new | wc -l