Can't maximize iconified windows with FvwmIconMan

I have read the man pages to FvwmIconMan but I can’t get it to maximize iconified windows.

Here is the settings for my FvwmIconMan:

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmIconMan: *
*FvwmIconMan: ManagerGeometry 30x1
*FvwmIconMan: Background darkgrey
*FvwmIconMan: Foreground black
*FvwmIconMan: ButtonGeometry 31x23
*FvwmIconMan: FocusAndSelectButton down black grey
*FvwmIconMan: FocusButton down black grey
*FvwmIconMan: IconButton down blue darkgrey
*FvwmIconMan: PlainButton up black darkgrey
*FvwmIconMan: SelectButton down black grey
*FvwmIconMan: Action Mouse 0 N sendcommand Nop
*FvwmIconMan: Action Mouse 2 N sendcommand Thumbnail
*FvwmIconMan: Action Mouse 1 N sendcommand "Iconify off", sendcommand RaiseLower, sendcommand FlipFocus
*FvwmIconMan: Action Mouse 3 N sendcommand "Popup FvwmMenuWindowOps Rectangle +$left+$top 0 -50m"
*FvwmIconMan: ReliefThickness 4
*FvwmIconMan: Resolution Page
*FvwmIconMan: DrawIcons Always
*FvwmIconMan: FollowFocus True
*FvwmIconMan: UseWinList True
*FvwmIconMan: ShowOnlyIcons False
*FvwmIconMan: Format "%t"
*FvwmIconMan: Sort id
*FvwmIconMan: DontShow icon=Untitled resource=Untitled title=FvwmButtonsBottom title=xbuffy title=xloadtime title=xlassie title="Desk 0" title=ncmpc 

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmBar: *
*FvwmBar: Frame 1
*FvwmBar: Padding 2 2
*FvwmBar: Rows 23
*FvwmBar: Columns 71
*FvwmBar: (71x23, Swallow "FvwmIconMan" `Module FvwmIconMan FvwmIconMan`) 

I also have this function:

DestroyFunc WindowListFunc
AddToFunc WindowListFunc
+ I WindowShade False
+ I Iconify off
+ I Raise
+ I FlipFocus

But when I left click on something in the manager that is iconified nothing happens!

Ah, I see what you’re saying now. You want a window to maximize fully once it is deiconified? Well, here’s an example. Let’s say that Button 2 of your mouse on an Icon looks like this:

Mouse 2 I A  SomeFunc

When you click on an icon (on the root window), the “SomeFunc” gets run, hence you would put:

DestroyFunc SomeFunc
AddToFunc SomeFunc
+ I Iconify
+ I Raise
+ I Maximize 100 100


– Thomas Adam