Can't start konqueror in root mode

I would like to have a menu option to start konqueror in root mode:

+"&4. File Manager (Root)" Exec exec sudo kfmclient openProfile Myview
+"&4. File Manager (Root)" Exec exec sudo konqueror

I have added this to my sudoers file:

Cmnd_Alias KONQUEROR = /usr/bin/konqueror
Cmnd_Alias KFMCLIENT = /usr/bin/kfmclient

But if I open a file (XF86Config-4) I can edit it but do not have permission to save it.

I have tried

+"&5. xterm (root)" Exec exec sudo xterm

and it works fine! Why can’t I use the same code with konqueror?

Basically this is not an Fvwm question, sudo is pretty wel documented in its manpage and probably also on it’s site, if that and google can’t help you you could always try to ask in the support forums of your distribution, unless of course it works from the console but not from an Fvwm menu entry, which insn’t the case here as far as I can see.

There is a place for non-fvwm related questions in this Forum (Other questions), but please don’t overload it with questions that in fact belong in the support forum of your distribution

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