Can't swallow FvwmIconMan

I am trying to swallow FvwmIconMan into FvwmButtons.

I have tried the following:

*FvwmDock: (1074x1, Swallow FvwmIconMan)
*FvwmDock: (1074x1, Swallow “FvwmIconMan” ‘FvwmIconMan’)

I have found both in two different configs but they don’t work with mine. Right now I have both the FvwmButtons and FvwmIconManager running, but they are still separated.

You want:

*FvwmDock: (1074x1, Swallow "FvwmIconMan" 'Module FvwmIconMan')

– Thomas Adam

That does not work either. Here is what my FvwmIconMan looks like:

Style FvwmIconMan Sticky, NoTitle, WindowListSkip, CirculateSkipIcon, CirculateSkip, NoHandles, BorderWidth 0,FixedPosition, FixedSize, !Iconifiable, StaysOnBottom, NeverFocus

*FvwmIconMan: NumManagers 1
*FvwmIconMan: Resolution global
*FvwmIconMan: UseWinList true
#*FvwmIconMan: DrawIcons Always
*FvwmIconMan: Shape true
*FvwmIconMan: FollowFocus true
*FvwmIconMan: Sort id
*FvwmIconMan: Font “xft:Verdana:pixelsize=12:minspace=false”
*FvwmIconMan: PlainButton flat
*FvwmIconMan: SelectButton flat
*FvwmIconMan: FocusButton flat
*FvwmIconMan: FocusAndSelectButton flat
*FvwmIconMan: IconButton flat
*FvwmIconMan: 1 Title “All windows”
*FvwmIconMan: 1 IconName “FvwmIconMan: all”
*FvwmIconMan: 1 Format “%r: %i”
*FvwmIconMan: 1 ManagerGeometry 500x1+200
#*FvwmIconMan: 1 ManagerGeometry 755x1+278+3
*FvwmIconMan: 1 ButtonGeometry 1x24

I made a typo.

I use FvwmButtons not FvwmDock

Right, but either way, it will work.

– Thomas Adam